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Criminal Defense Investigations In and Around Delaware

While all criminal cases do not require the services of a professional investigator, in those that do, the investigator is one of the most important members of the defense team. The investigator has several different, but equally important functions in preparing for an effective defense to the State’s charges. ABI Security Group staff of former law enforcement officers have the knowledge, skills, experience and training to provide professional criminal defense investigations.

One of the first things that the investigator must do is to verify and validate the investigation conducted by law enforcement officers and agencies. Far too often, police identify a suspect and then seek to build a prosecutable case against that individual. In doing this, they sometimes slant information or cast information in the light most harmful to the defendant, ignoring other possible suspects. A criminal defense investigator will review the police investigation and re-interview witnesses to find changes in their stories and to develop new and independent leads.

Seeking out new and unidentified witnesses is just as vital in preparing the defense case. These new witnesses often provide information that contradicts the “facts” upon which the prosecution is basing its case.

Having the ability to properly evaluate witnesses both as to their truthfulness and veracity, as well as the image that they will convey to a jury should they be called upon to testify. This often requires the investigator to learn about each witness in order to discover if there is anything in their personal background and/or their physical or mental condition that can be used effectively either to bolster or attack their testimony.

To accomplish this effectively, the investigator must have the training and experience allowing him to recognize where any law enforcement errors or omissions have occurred and to assure that all proper procedures were followed during the police investigation. The investigator must talk to each witness, review all the evidence (physical, verbal, video/photographic, etc) that was accumulated by the prosecution. In conducting witness interviews, the investigator must have the knowledge, skills and abilities to do effective interviews. This means that the investigator must be knowledgeable about the case and skilled in interviewing techniques including utilizing cognitive, kinesic and other interviewing methodologies.

These “Defense” interviews must also be correctly and totally recorded without bias in order to provide accurate and Criminal Defense Investigations complete information to the Defense Counsel. In this respect the investigator must have the ability to write clearly and have the ability to exclude personal opinions from his interview reports.

In addition to the necessary skills, an effective Defense Investigator must have the personality traits and self-confidence to work independently without direct supervision or direction from the Defense Attorney. He/She must also have the ability to interpret the necessary statutes and/or policies involved in the case as the need arises. Effective investigators have developed the skills necessary to review evidence and reports and determine whether or not what the prosecution claims is consistent, accurate, and truthful. It is not uncommon for a skilled investigator to uncover inconsistencies or unusual information in reports that will give rise to avenues of investigation favorable to the defense. For example a police officer’s report of what was found at the scene may not be what is shown in the crime scene photographs. This could lead to an effective cross-examination of the officer and/or the possible suppression of evidence. It is not unusual for an investigator to discover that what has been reported by the police as “fact” is not what in actuality happened once that report is checked by the investigator.

Child Custody & Child Support Investigations

Child custody matters are often required to be completed in a time sensitive way so that you, the client, can move forward in your case, with the benefit of knowing the real truth. This usually requires a skillful combination of surveillance and records checks culminating in court testimony in some cases. Whether you need clarification for personal reasons or for an ongoing court case, we can address these matters efficiently and with confidentially.

ABI Security Group leverages a broad range of resources for this important investigation. We not only provide database searches, but we can access the full weight of investigative techniques to determine the validity of documents filed with the Court.

These investigations can help determine the following:

  • Supervised visitation requirements are being adhered to
  • Activities occurring during child visitation periods are exposing children to risk
  • A parent associating with known criminals such as sex offenders
  • Domestic violence
  • Alcohol, drug abuse neglect
  • Verbal, emotional or physical abuse
  • Parent Alienation
  • Locate non-custodian parent to assist in enforcement of child support
  • Verification of employment and income


If you are trying to establish infidelity and prove fault for purposes of gaining an advantage in a divorce action, ABI Security Group can assist you with obtaining the information that is necessary for your legal counsel to use in court proceedings.

Although some states have a “No Fault Divorce” law which does not require the evidence of adultery, there are still many states that proof is required. Also, some religious sects have regulations within their belief system where it is mandatory to document adultery. Even in “No Fault” states, proof of adultery can assist in the award of alimony.

In the State of Delaware it is beneficial for custody cases to have a “Judge of Character” of the other parent. We provide a detailed report prepared together with video footage and/or photographs, made available for any testimony that is required in future court appearances.

Delaware Based Co-Habitation Investigations

People are very predictable! If no one is watching and holding them accountable to the rules, they will take advantage! People will push as far as they think they can push you. Most divorces have language spelled out that governs what will be paid in alimony, how long it will be paid and under what conditions. If those rules are violated, the alimony often ends on the spot.

As an investigator who investigates co-habitation cases it helps to understand what standards will suffice in ending the agreement. What kinds of things are needed? What is the judge looking for? What will satisfy it for the judge and allow him to end the agreement? How do you get this info without getting caught? How do you present it in a professional way so that it can be used in a courtroom? ABI Security Group has the experience necessary for we have worked these cases often enough to a successful conclusion. Don’t spend one dime over what is fair and just. When the rules are being broken, you can be assured that we will come to a speedy resolution. Contact us today for a free consult.

One of the most rewarding things is to hear how I helped my clients in a case. One client asked me one day, “Do you have any idea how much money you saved me in my co-habitation case?” I was floored when he quoted the number: $225,000.00. It means even more when you realize my client only made $52,000/yr as a shoe salesman manager. I don’t like people being taken advantage of and we were able to stop it in that case.

We Specialize In

  • Pre-Marital Investigations
  • Infidelity Investigations
  • Child Custody & Support Investigations
  • Professional Surveillance
  • Technical Countermeasures & Bug Sweeps
  • Background Checks
  • Pre-employment Interviews
  • Criminal & Vehicle Records
  • Workers’ Compensation Search and Surveillance
  • Criminal Defense
  • Cohabitation Investigations
  • In-Home Defense Training